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An irrigation system from Rappoli Irrigation provides the right amount of water to the areas that need it. We have many years of experience designing and installing professional irrigation systems residentially and commercially. We use only the products that we have found to be successful through trial and error over the years, so you can be assured that the components being incorporated into your system are of the best quality. We have great relationships with many builders and landscapers that use us exclusively for all of their irrigation needs.

For those that already have a beautiful, well established lawn, we pride ourselves in leaving your property looking almost as good as it was before we installed your irrigation system. We use a trenchless pipe puller that slices the ground rather than digging messy ditches. There is no better compliment than to hear a customer say, “Wow! I can't even tell you were here!”

Whether we are watering your lawn, garden, flower beds, hanging or potted plants, Rappoli Irrigation can design and install the perfect sprinkler system at an economical price. We can even install water faucets in remote areas of your yard. Call us to set up a consultation and viewing of your property for a free estimate.